Are the gruesome costumes and gory makeup really the scariest thing about Halloween? Maybe not when you consider the food waste.

For many we’re in the midst of horror themed parties, seeing in black and orange colour schemes and, for once, leaving the cobwebs where they are. But there’s more to the story that might haunt us.

Every Halloween in the UK it’s said that 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins go to waste, the equivalent of 1,500 double decker buses. Now that’s something to really send shivers down your spine.

According to Hubbub these 15 million pumpkins are enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in Britain.

Food waste: It’s said that 18,000 tonnes of pumpkins go to waste every Halloween in the UK

18,000 tonnes of pumpkins go to waste at Halloween in the UK

If you’re using pumpkins this year then ensure they reach further than the doorstep or decorating the event hall. Events are about the complete experience. When bring Halloween to life then what better way to do that than utilising the discarded pumpkin flesh and seeds in your menu too.

Pumpkins are a fantastically versatile food and lend themselves to a creative catering feast. From soups to pancakes, curries to cakes, salads to pies, roasted, slow cooked, pureed, hot, cold, spicy…

No one likes to see waste following an event, food waste included. So get creative and not only could you have a more conscious event but a memorable one too.