When it comes to running events, data and analytics are key to implementing better processes, attracting more delegates and allocating resources. But how insightful is your data? With technology available in abundance, we can be inundated with numbers, stats and charts.

The key is to turn something meaningless into something powerful.

What if you found out that achieving 100% meal redemption for a single sitting is extremely rare? In fact, up to 40% of crew meals go uneaten. Staggering figures such as these would surely make you sit up, ask questions and implement changes.

Grub Stub produces never before achieved insights for redemption patterns, forecasting and industry trends. This allows event organisers and caters to identify opportunities to save time, money and food, increasing accountability for over ordering.

From analysing the data from over 50 events, Grub Stub is in a unique position to help understand the reasons for uneaten meals and improve future meal number estimates.


How the Catering Guide Figures can help?

Grub Stub works closely with event organisers to predict realistic redemption rates with its Catering Guide Figures. On average, events save 20% on uneaten meals by utilising this feature.


Different days, different ways

Have you considered how your meal redemptions vary depending on the day? Grub Stub has typically found numbers for breakfast the Monday post event are particularly low. Whereas Friday dinner times have a noticeably high redemption rate.

By understanding your crew’s habits and identifying trends, opportunities to reduce food waste can easily be found.


What are the options?

Alternative eateries onsite or nearby can also have an impact on your redemption rates. Grub Stub has found that you could expect to see 10% less uptake of meals from a designated catering point when alternative options available.

The feeding of crew, artists and delegates may seem like a simple task but extremely valuable, detailed and rewarding insights reveal how complex this task actually is.

Are you making the most of your data? Grub Stub has so far uncovered £748,505 of wasted meals, which highlights the scope of opportunity for efficiency and cost savings. And the best thing? You don’t need to get bogged down or go cross eyed. Grub Stub produces clear and concise reports that will provide a guiding light for your future planning and budgeting.