Well, 2020. We all greeted you like any other year, with hope and excitement. But you’re not just any other year. This is likely to be the toughest year we will experience, particularly within the events industry.

But we must all stand together. Teamwork is something we already know quite a bit about! Whether that’s now helping out in the local community, homeschooling the children, keeping in touch or simply staying at home. We’re all still working together to make it to the other side of this global pandemic.

For many, the rug has been pulled out right from under us. Income, routine, stability, all gone. A pandemic is something that only happens in scary movies, right?

The teamwork that we value so much is still crucial for us getting through this unprecedented experience together. We need to look after each other. So, now is a time for building relationships. 

Whilst we might not be out building the fantastic events we thrive on, we can still plan for the future and focus on all those positive changes we have always wanted to make, but simply haven’t had the time to. 

Focus on the good things.

* Build relationships, together we will be stronger. We’re so used to working together and now more than ever we will need to keep forging those new relationships and partnerships. 

* Keep planning for the future. We really do all need something to look forward to, whenever that might be.

* Check in on each other. In this time of isolation, keeping in contact is key. There are lots of ways to do this. In fact, you might find yourself talking to people more often!

* Self care is important. Please be kind to yourself. Everyone is finding their way so don’t beat yourself up when you’re not achieving everything you expect. Balance is always going to be tricky in the current situation.

* Squeeze in some exercise. Most of us are used to being pretty active or spending a lot of time outside, so allocating some time to physical health will help keep spirits up. You never regret exercising but you do regret not exercising. Plus you earn yourself a treat!

* It’s good to talk. If not to a family member, friend or colleague, seek help from one of the support lines and find guidance and advice. Stress Matters is on hand to help those in our industry who need to talk about what they are going through as a result of the pandemic.

* Enjoy the additional time with your family. Family is so precious and we hope that we will never be in a time when we see lockdowns of this nature again. So embrace it.

* If you’re not even busier than normal(!), use the opportunity to embrace a new hobby. Not only will it help you pass the time, it could lead to useful new skills, future opportunities and new friends.

Like many others we are adapting to the situation in front of us. We are still here, just juggling a few more balls than normal. And as a result it might take a little longer than usual to respond to any enquiries.

All in all take care. Be safe. Stay at home.