Use RFID meal tickets for your crew, artists or delegates

You can now associate Grub Stubs to RFID passes and wristbands. This format is great for events and projects that already issue RFID tags to their staff, crew, guests and delegates. If you are running multiple events where the same people will be fed, you will also benefit because they can use the same RFID meal tickets across all of the events.

Would you like to use RFID meal tickets for your event or project? Simply contact us for a quote and highlight this preference.

Preferred Supplier

ID&C is our preferred supplier for RFID passes and wristbands.

ID&C is a leading supplier of RFID and non-RFID credentials to the global events industry for over 25 years. At the core of ID&C is the passion for innovation and ID&C has been at the forefront of developing wristbands, lanyards and other event accreditation products that have been adopted by the majority of large-scale event organisers and venues globally.

With offices in the USA & UK, ID&C supports thousands of clients each year. Over 25 years industry experience, 5-star service and determination to add value has led ID&C to work with some of the largest and most popular events in the world. ID&C are currently rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot with over 1,000 customer ratings.

So, why not use our quick link below to select and customise your RFID passes or wristbands. Each person eating at your event will only need one RFID tag, because one ticket holds all of their meals. As a result, when ordering RFID tags please consider the number of people you are feeding, not the total number of meals.