It’s that time of year when event planning is in full swing for a busy calendar of events, festivals, conferences and more. For most, this is an exciting time filled with anticipation and expectation of what is and will be possible. Maybe last year’s event exceeded expectations and you now have a bigger budget, maybe you’re organising a new event or taking over the reins on a legacy.

Whatever it might be, chances are, at some point you’ll have that moment when one look at your to do list leaves you feeling completely overwhelmed. Surely, it’s not possible to tick everything off?! We all have those moments but with a strong a coffee and a quick pep talk you realise anything, within reason, is possible. Here’s how you can get a head start on your event planning.

Make a plan and stick to it

Going in blind to anything is never going to end well. Make sure you have a clear plan of what you are trying to achieve, how and by when. Don’t leave anything to chance. When contacting venues, suppliers and acts, keep their details on file and updated so you have a reserves list in place for any last minute changes. Ensure everyone is properly briefed on dates and expectations to avoid any crossed wires.


Whatever the size of your budget, it’s crucial to stay in control. Never make assumptions, always get quotes in writing and ensure all relevant team members are in the loop. Use accurate data in your planning. For example, confirming meal numbers for each meal time of your event will help you keep a hold on your catering spend and reduce your food waste. Maybe some of your crew or attendees will arrive late, and others leave early. Account for this in your estimates and utilise patterns from past events to make the best predictions on behaviour.


As we all know, it takes a lot of time, effort and resource to pull off a successful event. So, delegation is key. Selecting the right individuals or team is essential to ensure all elements of the event come together on time, on budget and on brief. Grub Stub is a real asset to the event manager in this area. The online meal management system allows managers to invite individuals and companies to manage groups or departments and assign meal allocations to these. It is also easy to add additional managers or assistant managers with defined user permissions. Individual users can directly update their meal preferences and dietary requirements on the system, cutting out time consuming emails and phone calls. All requests are submitted to the relevant manager for instant approval or rejection, with details tracked on the Grub Stub system for future reference.


The phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ definitely comes to mind when working in events. But, like everything, it’s always important to take some time to relax and recharge the batteries. Effective event planning needs a clear head, so whatever it is you enjoy most to relax, make sure you take the opportunity to indulge in your chosen activity when you can.