Ordering, producing and collecting bulk meal orders at events can be challenging. How do you ensure everyone still gets fed when they can’t leave their post to go to the catering point?

A simple solution may seem obvious, a colleague can just pop to the catering point on your behalf. But what happens when it’s a whole team that are unable to make the meal sitting? Or the collection order contains multiple dietary requirements and preferences? It’s not always easy to ensure the nominated collector captures all of these requirements.

It’s also not easy to be the caterer in this situation. They may suddenly be faced with a complex bulk order, and at the busiest point of that meal time.

No one wants to be left hungry or responsible for people not getting fed. A satisfied team makes a happy team, right?

We are looking to further understand the complexities faced in managing large collection orders. Please take the time to complete our survey and highlight the issues you come across, whether it be in ordering, preparing or receiving take-away orders.