Food waste is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation within the events industry, and it’s an important conversation to have. Accurately estimating the amount of food crew, delegates or employees will consume is a challenge. Or it was.

Grub Stub was created out of the frustration caused by counting and recounting thousands of meal tickets. Whilst the Meal Management System was initially designed to save time and streamline the crew catering process, it does so much more.

It tracks and stores live meal data, cuts out time-wasting ticket counting and increases accuracy and traceability. As a result, it greatly reduces the stressful and wasteful aspects of crew, artist and delegate catering.

Uncovering the hard truth

When put into practice, the valuable data Grub Stub collected uncovered a shocking reality. It revealed the drastic difference between the number of meals ordered and the actual number of meals eaten. Grub Stub highlighted that some events had been wasting over £70,000 on uneaten meals!

The system provides never before achieved insights. Therefore, it gives event organisers the means to better understand the eating habits of its crew or delegates. They then have the ability to more accurately estimate meal allocations, providing caterers with a reliable set of figures.

Leading the way

We are excited to be in a position to increase awareness of and help tackle the issue of food waste across a range of event types. Find out more in the latest issue of Exhibition News. There’s a fantastic article on how the event industry should be taking notice of food waste and how, including an interview with our very own Lou Fitzpatrick! Read it here. 

Contact us to find out how Grub Stub can help your event can save time, money and food. Or simply request a quote for your event.