Food Waste

How much is the cost of your food waste? Assuming a meal costs £5, Grub Stub has found festivals on average spend £23,500 on uneaten crew meals, and up to £100,000 for events with more than 35,000 meals.

This not only impacts your catering spend but the environment too. Cooked food cannot be salvaged for donation so it usually ends up in the compost or general waste bins, with the cost of disposal a further burden on the budget.

Did you know?


Grub Stub Puts you in Control

Achieving 100% meal redemption for a single sitting is rare, Grub Stub has only seen this twice! But with our valuable insights you can increase your redemption rate. 

Grub Stub is in a unique position to understand the reasons why meals go uneaten; and how caterers and event managers can accurately estimate the number of meals to cook and therefore reduce the amount of food wasted.

For example, events that utilised the Grub Stub Catering Guide wasted 16% less in year one alone.