Producing an event takes a lot of people power and that people power needs feeding! This may seem like common sense but the task to feed the crew is increasingly complex and time consuming.

On the face of it feeding X amount of people across X amount of days is straightforward, right? But what about the different groups of people working different shifts. Or different delegates arriving on different days at different times. Or those who are entitled to a different amount of meals each day or can choose which meal they have. Not to mention the long list of dietary requirements you have to consider: vegetarian, vegan, dairy intolerance, nut allergy, egg allergy, celiac… and we’re barely scratching the surface.

Is your head starting to spin?

As a result the task to feed the crew can quickly become intimidating, but this needn’t be the case. Implementing a meal management system not only saves you administration time but provides you with a range of benefits and valuable insights that would otherwise not be achievable.

Grub Stub aims to make this transition as easy as possible. Simply upload your spreadsheet and you can start managing, delegating and updating meal allocations online. The system helps you manage dietary requirements and caterers can access the system to plan for each meal time accordingly.

Not only will Grub Stub streamline your administration it will also provide you with valuable, never before achieved insights. These insights will provide eventprofs and caterers with detailed information to help establish redemption patterns and preferences, saving you time, money and food from the first time you use it.

The statistics produced by the system also help increase visibility and therefore accountability of the impact of over ordering. As event organisers ourselves we are always aware of the pressures of budgets and waste control targets. Grub Stub puts the power back in your hands to proactively address the issues that feeding people can present, some of which you might not even have known existed!