Food is the fuel that keeps us going. That’s a fact. Whether you are feeding crew or your delegates, it’s essential that they are fed appropriately to help keep energy levels and engagement high.

But one size certainly does not fit all. How do you manage the numerous meal allocations for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians? Are those with dairy free, gluten free and egg free diets suitably catered for? Have you considered the impact of severe nut allergies or the numerous other allergies?

What about when meat eaters choose the veggie option instead, are there enough vegetarian meals to go around? What happens if they lose their meal ticket?

There’s a lot of information to capture when feeding people and Grub Stub makes this task as simple as possible. The online meal ticket management system allows you to mass import meal preferences. Users can update their dietary requirements directly within their profile. 

The Grub To Go feature means those who cannot make it to the catering point are still fed. Their dietary requirements are transferred to a nominated runner to collect in their place.

Grub Stub also makes fulfilling various dietary requirements manageable for caterers too. The system’s catering interface means they can easily view a breakdown of dietary requirements to aid the planning of each meal time. Changes made in the system are instant so caterers have access to the latest numbers. By viewing meal time progress, they can also see how specific meals with dietary requirements are remaining.

Capturing the requirements of crew and delegates is key when it comes to satisfying hungry people. With a wider understanding of different dietary needs, people have an expectation that their needs will be catered for. Grub Stub allows event managers to keep on top of and clearly communicate these varied requirements. As a result caterers can easily see, plan and manage the food for your event.