Well, be tired no more! Our automated meal management system does all of that for you! In fact, using Grub Stub can save up to five hours for every 1,000 tickets!

How? A manual meal ticket spends most of its life being prepared and counted. It’s printed, then counted, counted again for mistakes, counted by team leaders and issued to crew, exchanged for a meal, then counted again by the caterer, and finally, counted again by the festival to verify the caterer’s numbers.

All of this uses up a crew’s valuable time and morale. Two things that are much needed when organising an event!

By having one ticket per person you can save around four and a half hours per 1,000 tickets. Considering that events, on average, issue 12,000 meal tickets, with some large festivals issuing 35,000, this can equate to 54 hours per event and up to 158 hours for larger festivals. For a crew member paid £10 an hour, that’s a potential saving of up to £1,600.

More time to save

You can save even more time if users access their meal ticket on their phone. Can you imagine, no more printed meal tickets?! Alternatively you can utilise your RFID passes or wristbands.

Grub Stub also saves time at the redemption point. The caterer can check any anomalies immediately. This helps keep mealtimes running smoothly, therefore reducing queues, keeping crew happy, and alleviating the need for caterers to count tickets at the end of a shift. Caterers can also view the busiest periods during mealtimes, aiding them to utilise their staff more effectively.

You can also reduce long queues at the production office. Changes to meal allocations can be requested within the system, with urgent requests discussed and implemented remotely. Any changes are instantly reflected at the redemption point, so no one needs to miss out on dinner!

Not only does Grub Stub save time, but it saves on paper too. So, say goodbye to manual meal ticketing and dedicate that time to one of the many other important tasks begging for your attention.