We know exactly what it’s like to plan for events, and it’s always going to have some intense moments. Whilst organisation is directly proportional to how smoothly your event runs, there are always those undesirable tasks that take time to administer but are hugely important to the delivery of your event.

Maybe people are taking longer to get back to you than you’d like, or a key supplier has dropped out just when you thought everything was in hand. Not to mention the dreaded cancellation of a lead artist or key speaker.

As the event gets closer the logistics of feeding the right people at the right time, taking into account their dietary requirements, may seem like a daunting one. But it needn’t be.

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Reduce meal request admin.

Here at Grub Stub we specialise in making the task of feeding people as simple as possible. Our Meal Management System vastly reduces administration, freeing up time for you to focus on other important jobs.

You can delegate to nominated managers, allowing them to allocate meals within limits controlled by you. Communication is clear and concise with all requests and changes managed within the system.

Users can manage their individual profile, updating their dietary, allergy and meal requests, without crowding your office.

We are with you every step of the way, with support available at the click of a button whether it’s through our Knowledge Base or one-to-one support. But we don’t just stop there. One of our experienced event professionals can run Grub Stub at your event through our on-site support.

The role of an Event Manager can be filled with daunting tasks, but feeding people needn’t be one of them.