“A what?” we hear you cry.

A flexitarian, sometimes known as a ‘semi-vegetarian’, ‘casual vegetarian’ or a ‘vegivore’, is someone who eats a plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat. Or, more simply put, doesn’t want to always eat meat or be a full-time veggie.

Unlike a pescetarian or a pollotarian, a flexitarian chooses to eat any type of meat on an occasional basis.

Over the last decade there has certainly been a significant increase in the number of people eating plant-based or mainly plant-based diets. The reasons behind this are largely around animal welfare and rights, personal health and environmental issues. But it’s also about having the ability to choose.

A flexitarian diet, for many, is down to personal taste and being able to eat in a more varied way, as opposed to defining what they eat by a specific label.

one size doesn't fit all

One size, or meal, doesn’t fit all

Why should we take note?

The assumption is often made that you either eat meat or you don’t. And if you do, you’re allocated a meat option. For. Every. Meal.

But hang on a moment, what happens if I don’t want to eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Who do I tell? Or do I just take the veggie option and hope there’s enough left for the strict vegetarians?

Diets such as these are now much easier to manage with Grub Stub. Flexitarian is a standard option available alongside vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian. Individual Users can now have access to the system and select each of their meals from the available menu. Together this provides event managers and caterers with further insight into eating habits and allows them to more accurately plan for meal times.

Defining meal options by specific labels may appear to be black and white, but, when you factor in personal preferences, the reality is there are a lot of grey areas. Now you can cater for personalised tastes without adding to your workload!