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Grub Stub helps event managers and caterers take control. The system helps tackle the problems presented when feeding crew, artists and delegates. Say goodbye to cutting and counting time consuming meal tickets!

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What people say about grub stub

  • Grub Stub offered us a very easy solution to manage crew catering whilst also providing an additional solution in terms of badging crew from a security perspective. Now post-event, we have accurate data which shows us that we are actually over-ordering crew catering, so not only did Grub Stub make our lives easier, it will also save us money in the long run.

    Hannah Tapper Senior Events Manager at Cisco Live
  • We used Grub Stub for Silver Hayes at Glastonbury with great success. The system is a valuable asset in how we managed our meal tickets and managed to cater and account for people outside our area too. It saved us a lot of admin time, provided us with a good evaluation throughout the event and gave us quick access to data to cash up at the end. We certainly intend to continue using Grub Stub in the future.

    Malcolm Haynes Co-Ordinator of Silver Hayes
  • It does seem to save money, especially over the live days, and the figures we get now verify the final numbers the caterers give us.

    Chris Johnson Shambala Director
  • Love Grub Stub. After a day of running around in the sheeting rain/blazing sun working at an event I need food and I need it as quickly as possible. Grub Stub is the thing that makes that happen and makes it happen much quicker than vouchers.

    Duncan Hoffman Coach Manager at Shambala Festival
  • As a caterer, using Grub Stub has helped greatly to create order in our dining room admission and meal tallying process at the festivals we do.

    Chris Mitchell Latitude 45 Catering

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Food Waste

Assuming a meal costs £5, Grub Stub has found festivals on average spend £23,500 on uneaten crew meals, and up to £100,000 for events with more than 35,000 meals.

This not only impacts your catering spend but the environment too. Cooked food cannot be salvaged for donation so it usually ends up in the compost or general waste bins, with the cost of disposal a further burden on the budget.