What’s so special about Grub Stub?

Revolutionary Electronic Meal Tickets

Import from Spreadsheet

Easily upload your entire event's meal data from familiar excel spreadsheet.

Allocation Control

All user data is held centrally so any allocation changes are just a few clicks away, even with the user not present.

Secure & Flexible

Invalidate lost meal tickets without loss of data. Carry existing allocations onto a replacement stub easily and securely.

Live Data & Stats

Real-time redemption updates for every meal sitting, both in catering and production, to track meal progress.

Redemption Patterns

Visual representations of meals redeemed by time, team and individuals, generating never before achieved insights.


The ability to compare data year on year will inform and improve allocations and save time, food and money across the board.

Saves Time

Vastly reduces meal ticket handling time and completely eliminates miscounting or wrong ticket redemption, using a fraction of the tickets.

Saves Money & Food

Personalised stubs reduce ticket swapping and allocations can be amended remotely. Caterers have accurate figures for stock control.

Streamlines Operations

Vastly reduces administration time both before and after an event.

Puts you in control

Generate insightful analytics both in real-time and long after the event, providing an unprecedented level of control.