Saving you time, money and stress

Revolutionary Electronic Meal Tickets

For Event Managers

  • Move seamlessly into Grub Stub from your spreadsheets
  • Reduce food wastage and environmental impact
  • 100% traceability of allocations and redemptions
  • 90% less tickets and less time handling them
  • Establish event specific redemption patterns
  • Use Catering Guide to reduce catering bill
  • Live view of activity
  • Vastly reduce repeat visits to the office
  • Changes and redemptions are recorded instantly
  • Personalised tickets less transferrable
  • Invalidate and replace lost meal tickets without data loss
  • Control allocations without user present
  • Add or remove meals from stubs already issued
  • Cash up instantly with caterers
  • Recharge meals accurately recorded for instant billing
  • Provide Team Managers with accurate post-event reports
  • More time for more important event tasks
  • Informative timelines and statistical overviews
  • Eliminate manual meal ticket reconciliation
  • User-friendly software
  • Eliminates 99% of blaggers
  • Stubs are branded for your event.

For Caterers

  • No handling of meal tickets; scan & serve!
  • Live view of activity including all changes and redemptions
  • Plan ahead with live update of how many still to eat
  • Insights help to reduce food wastage
  • Cash up instantly with the event
  • Get to know regular crew by name
  • Informative timelines and stats overview
  • Establish patterns in demand for an event
  • Eliminates discrepancies in reconciliation.

For Users

  • Only have one meal ticket to keep track of
  • Replace tickets easily
  • No need to sort through tickets or risk using the wrong one
  • No need to find your manager to collect tickets before each meal
  • No need to queue daily to collect tickets
  • Can easily manage special dietary requirements directly.