How does it work?



Create a New Event or copy settings from a Previous Project

Assign Managers to Departments and Groups

Distribute budget using Meal Limits

Managers assign meals or Individual Meal Limits to Users

Any Meal Requests/Changes to allocation can be easily approved or denied by Managers

Caterers access guide figures, add menus and settings

Users view their Meals online and check details.



Users can access their digital Grub Stub or collect physical Grub Stub for their defined redemption point

Group managers with large teams can order multiple user meals using Grub to Go and assign one person to collect them

Caterers can see dietary requirement breakdowns for each meal time, plan for individual meal sittings and accept or postpone Grub to Go orders

Amend allocations in real time, individually or in easy bulk-actions

View status of any/all catering redemption points.



Insightful Stats and Reports

Instant reconciliation with caterers

Simple transparent rebilling

Identify opportunities to reduce food and money waste at future events.