Grub Stub

Revolutionary Electronic Meal Tickets

90% Less Tickets

10,000 paper tickets vs 1,000 Grub Stub tickets (on average)

95% Less Handling

Average 15.5 secs spent handling each paper meal ticket vs 8.2 secs per Grub Stub

100% Data without counting

Meaning caterers and events can cash up almost immediately

The Event Meal Ticket redemption solution that puts Event Managers back in control of crew food, saving you time and money!

Grub Stub is an electronic system that tracks and stores live data, cuts out time-wasting ticket counting and increases accuracy and traceability, greatly reducing the stressful and wasteful aspects of dealing with event catering.

What's so special?

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How does it work?

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Time & Cost Benefits

How much time & money can we save you?

Why Grub Stub?

  • One meal ticket per person
  • Replace lost tickets quickly and easily without losing data
  • Live data, statistics and tracking
  • Cost neutral (at least!)
  • Year on year comparisons
  • Remote allocation control
  • Multi-level system access
  • Import from current spreadsheets
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy sort functions for any data.

Simple, Spectacular

A user-friendly system that replaces multiple paper tickets with one durable ‘Grub Stub’ per person.


Grub Stub helps securely manage your event’s crew meals, generating real-time statistics and invaluable analytics, never before achieved.

Friendly, Reliable, Uncompromising

Grub Stub provides greater insight and control of meals redeemed, allocation amendments, lost & replaced tickets and unused allocations.