About Us

Taking a bite out of the stress of meal tickets







Our Story

With 19 years’ of experience in festival and event management Grub Stub’s founder, Lou Fitzpatrick, knew first-hand how demanding and demotivating managing meal tickets could be.


The tedious task of counting can take hours and even days. Not to mention the risk of mistakes. All of this takes an inordinate amount of time away from the production office and a solution was needed. So, Grub Stub was born.

Saving Time and Saving Money

Once all of the catering data became easy to view in the first version of Grub Stub, we uncovered the true difference in the number of meals ordered and the number of meals actually eaten. Up to 40% of crew meals go uneaten. How had no-one realised how much food and money was going to waste?


It was clear that Grub Stub was more than just a time-saver, but a means of reducing catering spend dramatically and saving significant amounts of food waste, and the associated costs for budgets and the environment.

What we offer

Grub Stub is the industry leading meal management system, working with events of all sizes across the globe.


The electronic system gives event managers and production staff the opportunity to drastically reduce the time and cost of feeding people, whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. As event organisers ourselves, we have designed our system in the way we would want to use them; easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage.


From our base in the heart of the UK’s West Country, we help events across the world save time, money and food.