Your Ticket to Saving Time, Money and Food

The revolutionary meal management system for festivals, conferences and events

Up to 100% Less Tickets*

*If using digital Grub Stubs

Up to 100% Less Handling*

*If using digital Grub Stubs

100% Data Without Counting

What is Grub Stub?

Grub Stub is the industry leading meal management system that will save you time, money and food.


Utilising innovative technology designed by event professionals, Grub Stub offers automated meal management for events of all sizes. The electronic system tracks all of your meal data from planning, right through to post-event; replacing tedious manual meal ticketing.


Up to 40% of crew meals go uneaten at events. Grub Stub’s system shows you where this unnecessary waste is coming from and gives you the tools to dramatically reduce the impact on your budget and the environment.


Complete with a range of features and benefits the system is accessible and cost effective, guaranteed to help transform the organisation of meal allocation across a range of events and projects.

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